Winter light

Winter sunset through window

Valley in snow

Black lab looking out window in winter

Blue shadows on snow

Dog looking out window into winter valley

Pale January sunset


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16 responses to “Winter light

  1. Beautiful. I just captured a suset last night that made me feel hopeful for spring.

  2. solarbeez

    That polar vortex is playing all kinds of tricks. Someone in Maine said it was -8 deg. F. My wife and I were pruning fruit trees today. We had to peel down to tee-shirts. It was 73F (22 C) I had to wear sunglasses. It should be raining sideways!
    I love the pictures of the dog looking out the windows…sort of a “when can I go out again?” posture.

    • df

      I am so very, very envious! To be out pruning fruit trees in t-shirts sounds so nice. It’s always amazing to me the scents that dogs picks up on the breeze in winter, which is exactly what he’s doing in those pictures. He just doesn’t mind about the cold at all!

  3. I too read Reggie’s body language as all eagerness to be out there in it. Lovely photos.

  4. Good light keeps you going through winter doesn’t it. And what wonderful windows to take in the views

    • df

      It really does. When we have an endless stream of grey days, the sky devoid of depth and texture, it’s hard going. Good light makes a huge difference. Thanks Claire.

  5. Beautiful series of the snowy landscape, looks really cold. Love your dog, looks like he is looking for rabbits to chase! :-)

    • df

      Thanks for the kind words. Yes, we’re back into some really intense cold after a bit of a break. Reggie would dearly love a rabbit to chase, but he’ll try to take a deer too if given half a chance!

  6. I like your first photo; the window pane is edged with a rime that emphasizes the chill of winter that is ‘out there’ and not ‘in here’.

    You have some interesting followers.


    • df

      Thanks Gerry, that’s the photo that I’m really pleased with too. Today is definitely a good day to be ‘in here’ and not ‘out there’!

  7. Katherine

    :) what great views and the photos make me appreciate winter light in a new way.

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