Winter dog

Dog scratching at ball in deep snow

Black dog running in snow with a ball

Black lab with red ball covered in snow

Dog looking woefully at ball stuck in snow

Black lab covered in snow

Black lab with snowy snout


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12 responses to “Winter dog

  1. Love these pictures! Those eyes…

  2. solarbeez

    Reggie finally got out for a little chasing the ball in the snow. He doesn’t seem to mind the cold feet.

  3. Makes me smile to look at your pictures. I also have a black lab who loves the snow. She rolls and dives in it. She’s almost 11 but it makes her look like a puppy. How old is your dog?

    • df

      Reggie is two in March, so he’s really still a puppy. It must make you feel good to see your older lab play in the snow like that – I love hearing that!

  4. Did Reggie get his ball from what appears to be a small opening in the water? If I was Reggie, I’d leave it there until the Spring. Brrrrr. At least the sun is shining today!

    • df

      Yes, this dog was actually standing in open water (one stream on our property takes a long time to freeze over in really cold weather) the other day. I think he’s crazy! Yes, I’m really thankful for that sunshine – our chickens take turns standing in the little windows in their coop to catch the rays!

  5. Looks like he really didn’t mind the snow and really like the ball!

  6. These pictures make me smile. Our black lab Ginny loves playing in the snow, but she’s getting old and grey now and no longer has the spunk so evident in these shots of Reggie. What a handsome dog!

    • df

      I love knowing that a post like this can prompt a smile in someone else, that’s so nice to know. Ginny sounds like she has been (and continues to be) a wonderful companion; I know that Reggie won’t always have this boundless energy, but we are all enjoying it while it lasts!

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